When Evelyn outlined the problem and Zander began moving away, I was ready to scream again. I felt cheated, like the Reaper had grabbed me by the throat and was slowly choking the happiness out of me. Then she offered our other option.

"You have to walk through Limbo..... And come back. I can go with you but the only way you can get out..... is if Lireal can call you back out. Problem is...... even though it has the possibility of working, no one has made it back. The reason being cause there love has never been strong enough. So I ask you this..... Do you trust Lireal with your life and existence?"

Zander stared blankly for a moment, then looked at me. " I think Lirael and I should talk about it first. It will only be a moment." I wanted him to say yes. The risk I had already run for him, I wanted this to work now. I was not giving him up.

Evelyn left the room and Zander sat beside me. He looked into my eyes, his serious.

" What you think, either way we lose, except a slim chance that there could be a win in the second plan."

"I don't know but I think I can bring you back." I replied steadily. I know I will go in after you if I can't. I silently added, as a vow to myself.

" Alright then."  He replied, kissing me. When he turned to let Evelyn back in I allowed myself a small smile, wiping my face clean as they both sat down.

" I think we can do it. What must be done?" Zander spoke to Evelyn, sitting as close to me as he could without touching. I wanted to take his hand and tell him it was going to be okay. But I could only sit silently as Evelyn outlined how we were going to save him.

I will not let you down Zander. Not ever. I promise.

The End

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