Evelyn: Two choices

"I was hoping that he would tell you but when he didn't I had to remain silent" I tell Lireal. "Like I said my bargain was for control of me"

"So what can we do?" Zander snaps. "Cause I ain't seeing any solutions here"

"There are two ways..... One completely stupid the other completely dangerous" I say flicking my hand and pulling over a chair with my ability.

I sit down and fold my legs. "Whats the stupid one?" Lireal asks.

"You don't do anything" I say. "You live carefully like the last Lii'arc and possibly live for only 3 extra years at max"

"That's not very helpful" Zander hisses. "And who was this last Lii'arc?"

"His name was Quil. He fell in love with a human called Lillie. But then just for a milli second he got caught and ingected with the virus. Then he thought of something" I say leaning forward. "He discovered if he bargained with the reaper for his soul he could continue to live with his love until she died and he would die with her too"

"What happened?" Lireal whispers.

"He made the deal and as he was making it Lillie appeared. The deal was made that her soul would be under the reapers control and Quil could continue to live..... Although Re has always had smartness when its come to deals. He left and let his sceme played out...... And Quil slowly killed Lillie. So when Re went to take Lillie's soul..... Quil gave his"

Silence so I continued to speak.

"Re created the virus as you seem to be working out Zander..... but he also created the cure. Only he ever wins but..."

"But what? Is this the dangerous way?" Zander says sitting up straighter.

"I've always being trying to find ways to help people he's harmed with his deals.... And last year I found a way. But hell, is it dangerous for the person wanting to get there life back without any after effects"

"What is it?" Zander snaps getting angry. I keep myself calm as I speak the final words.

"You have to walk through Limbo..... And come back. I can go with you but the only way you can get out..... is if Lireal can call you back out. Problem is...... even though it has the possibility of working, no one has made it back. The reason being cause there love has never been strong enough. So I ask you this..... Do you trust Lireal with your life and existence?"

The End

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