Qurevok: A Death, a Hole, and the Alphabet

Billie the werewolf dead! So sad, me camed in from saving Zander and Lirael and right by the door was Billie.She had a superbig crosbou holded tightly to her chest, and a big red spot in her forehead. Her lippy moutha and eyes made it look like she was suprised when she died, like howdidIgethurt? Then, a big boomy from the staircase went up, and wood and stuff flyed everywhere. Everybody screamed very scared, but me was too suprised- in my suit of Armour brestplat was a little peice of green arrow, like the one with the message. The smokey started to clear, just like me mind. Me thinks all the guys fighting us are soliders for the Green Arrow Man, who is the best. Me can't let Anju get hurted by him, not at all or he'll killl her like Billie. Me have new job.

Also, when the smokey clerd fram thi starcas plas, Me seed new hole. There was old peces of the stair all diing firy and charred and hanging over a big hole, that went down down down like a secret cave! But there is no stairs or anything..... Me drop a peice of wood down it, and all the people get up and go to behind me. We all veri quite to her the plop, but nothing! Now lots of wounded all go to clinic, and some of them get falling down. Me looks to c if me can helps, and then me figures it out that all the falling down people have Green arrow parts in them.

"Hey docydoc, all those fall downy peepol have green arrow in them, same kind that blew up the stairs!"

Then, before he can answer, a lots of new peepole come, and says-

"Batches B, C, and D reporting for duty, sir! You seem to be this lot's commander: Where do you want us?"

"Huh? Where you come from, first?"

"We, Sir, are children of the Mist. Batch B is specialized in forging, and is led by the capable Lutenant Vistroy. Batch C is best at household jobs- be that repair, head counting, or even just keeping our situation orderly. They are led by Madame Wasiga. Batch D is a professionally trained fighting unit that has been designed to perfectly back up mythylogical creatures, and it is led by me. I am Trooper 3."

"So..... Where A?"

"Sir, do you recall inviting all the doctors and nurses running around here in to the Sanctuary? They are Batch A. You will recive 26 batches like ours- then you will be on your own."

"This is good, me think... Go do what you good at, and docydoc, how are everybody? Me need some people to -zzz- huh? uh.. go looook aatttt the hoooleee... ZZZZZZ..........."

Celttam, wearing a proud smile like a blueberry stain, gently removed Qurevok's armour and prodded him up the stairs, at the same time instructing Lutenant Vistroy and his men to take special care when repairing the blue suit. he had always known that Qurevok was a born leader; and now it was blooming just when it was needed most.

How Nice.

The End

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