Zander: What!?

I wake up the wieght, the pain , and cold are all gone.  How is this possible, am I cured? I hear footsteps comeing through the doorway , I roll over and see Lirael.

" Lirael?" I ask , she had to know why I had improved.

" Zander, I told you I would be here when you woke up." She said on the bed. I moved into a sitting position with no problems.

" And here you are." I say looking directly into her eyes," Its gone , but how?" I ask.

"In a second." Lirael says, I hug her close.

Then I hear more footsteps into the hospital wing.

" Lirael , Zander, I have something to tell you." I hear Evelyns voice.  Lirael pulls away , I give her a questioning glance.

" What is it?" Lirael say at the same time.

" Lirael , the  deal you made with the reaper......" I zone out. I know that name!

I see a seen at the time I was only a kid.

"You people think you've got all the time in the world. You should have aided us, now you'll pay because we've got the reaper working with us!" A human sneers.

At the time it made no sense but as time passed on it made sense, how could humans make a destructive virus with certain perference with technology from the 18oo's.

" Zander you will slowly kill and take out all the energy with anyone your intimate with." Evelyn says, I was shocked.

" Lirael for you sake step back , I can't, I don't want to kill you." I said staying calm.what kind of deal was made?

"Wait just back up for a moment, I missed something you made a deal with the reaper?" I ask.

" Yeah." Lirael responss.

" For my life?"

" Yup."  She responds. I continue to distance myself from Lirael , I didn't want to hurt her it was paing enough as it was.  A small trickle of anger entered my bloodstrain. 

" You do realise any deal you make with that bastard has consequences, especailly when it comes to my race?"  I stayed calm

" Somewhat."

"  Think of it this way , would a near invinceble being like the reaper want a lesser being being able to change its existance? It probably wouldn't and try to wipe that being out because its a threat. Now this is more messed up than it needs to be!" I say bordering on yelling.

" You didn't tell me this would happen." Lirael says," Is there a way to change it?" 

The End

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