Evelyn: Terrible regret

"Tut tut, Evelyn" Re whispers in my ear his cold breath brushing my cheek. I slowly let my head fall down.

"I did for her what I could unlike you" I whisper.

"Yes, but you didn't tell her the truth did you" Re whispers spinning me to face him then pinning me up against the wall.

"Stop this" I hiss. I feel my self trembling. Being so close to him burns my soul. I know its the binding the fact I'm trying to force myself not to feel an inch of affection for this guy.

"You didn't tell her about the after effects nor did I" he whispers and brushes his lips against mine. I can feel the shadows gripping to his skin.

"She doesn't need to know the after effects from what I did but with you its different. Not telling her is just cold" I hiss.

"I am cold" Re whispers smiling. "Although not telling her that he will drain of the energy of anyone he's in intimate contact with might be colder than what I usually do"

I glare at him and stuggle against the grip he's got on my wrists. "Get off" I hiss.

"Hmm, the after effect of your's though. Seeing the future that each moment causes but only the bad side... Ouch, that would hurt someone who wants to share there future with someone"

He shakes his head and I feel bad to the bone. Filled with terrible regret.

"I'm going to tell her..... both" I snap.

"Will you though?" he asks.

"Yes" I snap. He smiles smugly.

"Ok, then..... I'll see you in two hours got a full boat" Then he disapears the shadows engulfing him.

I walk to the room where Zander and Lireal are sitting together hugging each other.

"Lireal? Zander" They turn to look at me. "I have something to tell you" I choke out.

The End

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