Evelyn concentrates for a moment. The phone pops up, she jumps then shakes her head.

"I gets more cheesy everytime"She said, putting it to her ear.

BEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!!! A high-pitched feed-back sound pierced our ears.

"Ouch!" We both say in unison. Suddenly a man appeared, doubled over with laughter.

"That was classic" He says straightening up. "Now what the reason you called me?"

He has the hint of the smile on his lips. "Don't get all smug, Re" Evelyn hisses, stepping aside to show me. "She wants to make a deal for Zander's life"

"The Lii'arc?" I nod in reply, preparing to  do whatever it takes to keep us together. "Hmm"

"I want him to live but... I don't want to leave him" I said, my voice coming out clear and strong. I remembered the way Zander had cried out in pain earlier, and how he had looked at me when we kissed.

The Reaper nods. "Just like the last one but I still remember what happened with those two. Ouch!"

He reaches down and rubs his ankle. "I may be the living dead but I do have feelings" He complained looking at Evelyn reproachfully.

"Be kind to her she's...She's a friend" she replied

I was suprised to hear her say that, but grateful too. I relaxed slightly.

"Fine. I have a deal for you" The guy replies, straightening up.

I tense again, but kept my voice strong. "What is it?"

"I'll save him keep his soul out of limbo but..... You have to forget about every moment you've had with him since you met him" he says.

His words were like a blow to me, almost as cruel as what Evelyn had first outlined. My shape shimmers as I struggle not to phase. "How about you heal him and I don't kill you?" I offer, my voice a little thicker, a burning in my veins.

He laughs and Evelyn looks away from me in pain. I struggle harder and my form solidifies again.

 "You can't kill me girl. Burn me, I go to Limbo and come straight back brand new and more powerful. Chop me to pieces and I grow right back the pieces chopped off in seconds... although I wouldn't recomened that my old body pieces would be all over the floor" A look of disgust passed over his faetures and my anger sky-rocketed. Before I could say anything Evelyn approached me.

 "Take the offer Lireal."  She said quietly.

I can give you back the recent three hours of memories. So all the loving moments with Zander just not anything before.

I looked at Evelyn, then to the Reaper, who was standing smugly. I saw one gaping loophole in his victory, other than Evelyn. He said nothing of after. Zander and I could still have a future. I instantly buried the thought incase he could read my mind.

I looked down, deliberating. It seemed too good to be true.

"I accept." I said, my voice clear and strong. "On the condition you heal Zander before I forget."

The Reaper nodded. "A deal has been struck."

We shook hands. He then walked out onto the ward. I followed, my heart beating painfully fast. When we got to Zander, he was still sleeping, looking paler than ever.

Please let this work. Please. If this doesn't work, I don't know what I'm going to do...

I looked away as the Reaper bent over Zander. After what seemed like an age, he spoke.

"I have honored my side of the bargin. Now for yours." he said darkly. I looked at Zander. His skin was no longer pale and his breathing was easy. It was obvious that the Reaper was telling the truth.

I nodded. "Okay." I walked back into the other room, away from any curious nurses that might be wandering around.

"This won't hurt you, but you might have a headache after." He said, looking right into my eyes. I felt like he was looking right through me. "Close your eyes."

I did as instructed. Suddenly, every image of Zander, ones I treasured and ones I never remembered registering, flickered across my eyelids. The Reaper's hands flet hot against my skin. Slowly, thats all I could feel. The images faded to black.

"Done." He said in a monotone. "Evelyn.. Laters." With that he went.

Five seconds later, I had a pounding headache. I sat down quickly, groaning. Evelyn was there.

"Lirael, look at my eyes." She said, her voice soft and compelling. Her cool hands went to my temples. "Close your eyes and open your mind." I did as I was instructed, the image of her violet eyes burning on the backs of my eyelids.

When she took away her hands, I looked at her with understanding.

"You did it." I whispered in wonder. I smiled. "It really worked.."

I threw my arms around her, hugging her tightly. "Thank you. I will never forget what you have done for me."

"Go," she replied, laughing slightly, "Zander will be waking up soon."

"Thank you.." I replied, then walked quickly out onto the ward. I turned a corner and saw Zander lying in bed still. I smiled again, looking at him a moment. He rolled over.


The End

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