Evelyn: Calling the reaper

I consentrate on contacting him then the phone pops up. I jump at the suddeness then groan.

"I gets more cheesy everytime" I say shaking my head and plucking the phone out of the air. I press the call button then.


"Ouch!" Both me and Lireal say at the same time and I drop the phone. Re appears out of nowhere laughing his head off.

"That was classic" He says straightening up. "Now what the reason you called me?"

He has the hint of the smile on his lips. "Don't get all smug, Re" I hiss. I step aside showing Lireal. "She wants to make a deal for Zander's life"

"The Lii'arc?" He says questioningly. Lireal nods. "Hmm"

"I want him to live but..... I don't want to leave him" Lireal says her determination strong.

Re nods. "Just like the last one but I still remember what happened with those two. Ouch!"

Re reaches down and rubs his ankle. "I may be the living dead but I do have feelings" Re complains. I shrug.

"Be kind to her she's..." I look at Lireal. "She's a friend"

Lireal seems shocked but then relaxes.

"Fine" Re says standing up. "I have a deal for you"

Lireal tenses then speaks her voice strong and un wavering. "What is it?"

"I'll save him keep his soul out of limbo but..... You have to forget about every moment you've had with him since you met him" Re says.

I'm shocked from my view its a great deal but from Lireal's...... I turn to look at her. She seems shocked, hurt, upset.

Then she slowly begins to morph. "How about you heal him and I don't kill you?" Lireal offers.

Re laughs and I look away from Lireal in pain. "You can't kill me girl. Burn me, I go to Limbo and come straight back brand new and more powerful. Chop me to pieces and I grow right back the pieces chopped off in seconds....... although I wouldn't recomened that my old body pieces would be all over the floor" Re says looking slightly discusted at the thought.

Lireal seems a bit annoyed at that. "Take the offer Lireal......" I say approaching her. Then using my telepathy I send a secret message to her.

I can give you back the recent three hours of memories. So all the loving moments with Zander just not anything before, Lireal turns to look at me then Re.

She opens her mouth to speak.

The End

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