Evelyn: Deal

I take a deep breath then look at her. "Ready to make a deal with the Reaper?" I say.

She looks at me confused. "What are you on about?" she asks.

"The Reaper. Shipper of souls. Living Death. The Devil. Hades. Pick a name I don't care they're all the same person" I say tossing each name aside. "The thing is he exist..... he's the reason I've lived passed my time"

I look at the floor. "Your saying the Lii'arc was saved cause he made a deal with this guy?" Lireal gasps.

"Yes, he gained back his life in exchange for something else" I say fidgetting now. I hate getting on the subject of Re. And if Lireal decides to summon him for this deal, like I know she will, then I'll have to do it.

I'll have to call him to this spot and tell him that a deal is asking to be formed. "So what do we do?" Lireal asks. "Call him and make a deal?"

She seems happy like we've found a way to save Zander but..... I'm not so sure. Will she except what has to be given back?

"I'd have to summon him and....." I stop swallowing down the lump in my throat. Here goes. "And something would have to be given back to him in return for Zander soul being saved from moving on"

"What? You said you did it, what did you have to give?" she asks.

I feel myself blushing. "I gave him me..... The reason he extended my life is cause he fell in love with me..... So when it was my time to pass he extended my life in exchange for a binding that I could never fall in love in a intimate way with any one else..... But this isn't what he'll want in this case"

"Wow, you feel in love with the reaper" Lireal says her eyebrows raised.

"Yes, do you want to find out what you have to do to save Zander's life?" I snap. She snaps her mouth shut and nods. I take a deep breath calming down then speak.

"He'll want another soul in exchange.... One full of life..... Yours" I say looking at her sympathetically.

The End

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