Everbody left the room to fight again, I sat on my bed crossed legged and took my hand away from Boogies mouth. "Boogies ? what do we know about Fialka?" I looked at him confused.

"well Anju we dont know alot do we? All we know is that she very old, she was once human, extremely powerful and wants you as her immortal child" I shighed I dont know a lot about Fialka and as soon as I could I was going to find out enough information as I could.

I walked out of my room when I was Qurevok carrying Zander and Liireal on his shoulder I felt so sorry for them when I saw there magled forms. one he placed them on the beds we walked out and once he came out of the door I leaped on his back and giggled and whispered into his ear "please  dont throw me off this time"

"Me didnt mean to Anju me thought you were evil I-" I cut him off before he could finish talking by kissing his cheek, chis cheeks warmed underbneath my lips my fangs began to ache I needed to feed before I bit him.

"dont be sorry I was kidding now please excort me to the kithen I never finnished off feeding" he carried me there and grabbed the bottle of blood and gulped it down purring as it saitfied my need.

Qurevok was wathcing me fasernated nand it made me blush then Alanna came in and looked at me "Anju somethins up with fialka" I looked up at her shocked I ran to her grabbed her hand and pulled up the stairs.

That when I saw her just staring at Zander all rigid what happened ?.... I didnow but I knew I had to find out.

The End

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