We tired running from the Hunters... they followed. I phased again when the moon came out. I fought with nothing but claws as the Hunters came for me. I was not going to surrender to the a second time, and there was no way I was leaving Zander. He was clearly suffering. I kept fighting, pulling down as many as I could, but fighting it before had weakened me and my powers were runnign rampant, feeding me the pain I was inflicting. I glanced at Zander and saw him cut down.

"Zander!" I yelled, phasing into human form again. I ran over to him, but a Hunter blocked my path, knocking me to one side to get to him first.

" I'm sorry , I'm so weak." he said, and the Hunter put a boot to his head. I shreiked at them, phasing again into a tiger. I slashed at him with all the anger and fear I had for Zander and watched at he collapsed, howling. Panting, I changed into my wolf-form, then human again. I ran back to Zander who was lying face-down in the ground. Qurevoc was running up to us. I didn't have any strength left and my knees buckled, Qurevoc catching me. He slung me over one shoulder, Zander over the other. I couldn't tell if he was breathing.

" Thanks Qurevok." he said, so quietly, I don't think anyone else would have heard. Relief washed through me. I wanted to hug Zander, tell him it was okay. He looked over at me, looking completely worn. Qurevoc placed us into the hospital area, then left us alone. I muttered my thanks, hoping he heard. 

" I'm sorry I could have been more useful. Thanks back there I think I would be good as dead if you weren't there." Zander said weakly, his breathing going shallow. The red I had caught sight of earlier had spread to cover his hands.

" You don't to be sor...Zander?" I stopped myself as I saw his hands.

He yelled out in pain, causing nurses to run over. I stepped out of their way as they fussed over him. I put my hand over my mouth to stop myself from saying anything. I was worn and beaten up, and the moon was still causing me trouble, but all I cared about then was stopping Zander from crying out like that ever again. He yelled again.

" Zander!" I screamed, tears coming to my eyes. I couldn't undersatnd what was happening. A wave of energy burst out from his hands, shattering a lot of things. I smothered another scream. The nurses milled around, confused, but one old doctor seemed to understand.

" Altex 49 , no cure , one survivor, only contagiouse among the Lii'arc only harmful to the Lii'arc or unless of given appropiate direct dosages." He stated calmly," When did you start having symptons?" 

Zander had his eyes closed and for a brief moment, I thought he was dead.

" Only hours ago." he muttered finally, " If you know that much good sir you probably already know there is nothing that can be done."  He cracked one eye open to see the doctor leave. I hoped he could do something.

" I knew you lied Zander , but why try to keep it a secret?" I said, trying to keep the hurt and worry out of my voice.

" Because , there no point in telling someone your good as dead in maybe a month at least or a year at most. "   He turned away, bitter anger in his voice. I looked away as well, blinking tears away.

" There two paths to walk down, life or death, Your decision is easier than most." Evelyn spoke from her bed. I'd forgotten she was there, but now I was thankful.

" Its not easy as saying I chose life!" Zander yelled back at her, his blue eyes blazing.

" The doctor said there was one survivor, how did that she or he survive?" Evelyn pressed him from her bed.

" I don't know , Divine intervention?!" Zander yelled again, pulling the pillow over his ears, blocking everyone out. I stood torn.

"Not quite." Evelyn muttered quietly. I couldn't tell if Zander heard or not but he turned to look at me.

" I should have just said I'm going to die from the begining I'm sorry." he said quietly, exhastion plain in his voice. He waited for me to say something back, echoes of the fighting outside coming back to us. I went over to him and saying nothing, put one hand on his cheek and kissed him.

"I am not going to let you die Zander." I said quietly. "I don't care what it takes. I am not letting you die."

"Lirael.." he tried to say something in return, but I cut across him.

"Zander, you need to rest. I'll be here when you wake up." I gave him a small smile, then moved away. He didn't say a word.

"Evelyn, can I talk to you?" I said so that Zander wouldn't hear.

She nodded, "Away from prying ears perhaps?"

"If thats okay with you." I replied gratefully. We went to stand in a side room, shutting the door behind us.

"When Zander said 'divine intervention' you said 'not quite'," I began, "What did you mean?"

"I meant that it was not divine intervention that saved the other Lii'arc from this virus." she replied calmly, her violet-blue eyes met mine levely. I sighed in frustration.

"Do you know how to cure Zander?" I asked her, keeping my emotions in check.

"Yes." She replied, still staring at me.

"What needs to be done?" I asked.

The End

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