Zander: powerless

We tried to run the soldiers got up,Lireal turned and was destroying the soldiers with claws. I try to melt into the floor , nothing , I duck under a fist I grab the hunters side arm and try to absorb the weapon, once agian my powers were useless. I kick the soldier in the face. I try changing his existant electricity belt up in my hands and jumped into my wrist the shock taking out movement in my right arm. A result in not having enough energy to use my abilities.  I was weaker than a human now. I hope I can get through this stage of the virus unscathed. I shoot the human with sidearm and a few others, I collapse to the floor , it was too much for my body to handle both the virus and combat.

"Zander!" Lireal yells then is taken down by a hunter.

" I'm sorry , I'm so weak." I say in dismay as Hunter put his boot to my head.

I hit the ground my face pressing up against it.  The red glowing increased in the palm of my hand it was begining to cover it. Stage 1 of the virus was nearly finished , soon my abilities will return , and I will seem a bit stronger but essaintly weaker,  and much more tired. I hear large clumsy footsteps of the orcs. I lost conciousness for a second , and find my self on the Orc shoulder. Lireal was on the other shoulder, she looked beaten. I felt horrible, I could have done something to have protected or helped. Qurevok places on the beds.

" Thanks Qurevok." I say weakly I didn't think he heard me. I turn beside to see  Lireal she was still conciouse.She was so beautifull

" I'm sorry I could have been more useful. Thanks back there I think I would be good as dead if you weren't there." I say before my breathing becomes shallow.

Why was this happening so fast? Its like the virus has become more powerful and is much faster at taking lives. Or its probably justt me being foolish enough to try to fight.  The glowing red grows over my hands Lireal could see it happening the transition to stage 2.

" You don't to be sor...." She pauses seeing my hands," Zander?"

I shout pain and my musles begin to tighten, my body twitches the nurses begin to run over, I felt like I was on fire.

" Zander!" Lireal screams in concern.  

A wave of energy shoots from both of my hands breaking many iterms in its path.  The nurses look confused but among them was a doctor an old doctor, someone who knew.

" Altex 49 , no cure , one survivor, only contagiouse among the Lii'arc only harmful to the Lii'arc or unless of given appropiate direct dosages." He says calmly," When did you start having symptons?" 

I held my eyes closed almost pretening to be dead. I wish I didn't lie to Lirael but the damage was already done.

" Only hours ago." I mutter, " If you know that much good sir you probably already know there is nothing that can be done."  I say barely opening an eye.  The doctor leaves.

" I knew you lied Zander , but why try to keep it a secrete?" Lirael says, I wasn't sure if she had hurt in her voice or not.

" Because , there no point in telling someone your good as dead in maybe a month at least or a year at most. "   I turn into the pillow in anger at myself.  I thought I was going to hear Lirael's voice again but instead I heard Evelyn's.

" There two paths to walk down, life or death, Your decision is easier than most."

" Its not easy as saying I chose life!" I yell.

" The doctor said there was one survivor, how did that she or he survive?"

" I don't know , Divine intervention?!" I yell trying to shut out the world.

"not quite." Evelyn mutters.

I turn back to look at Lirael.

" I should have just said I'm going to die from the begining I'm sorry." I say losing my anger and getting overcome with exhaustion, also realising there was still fighting in the background.  I waited for Lirael to respond, I hope she didn't see my as a lesser person.

The End

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