Me sorry for being meany. Now me sees that all the nice pepol  her arent like they sem to bee. Me thought that Zander luv Anju, but she says that no. When she tolded me when me was leving the Sanctuary, me got little happir, and then being right next to her made all bad thoughtys go way. Then Fialka, who might even bee nice too cause Anju says she's good, she called Anju away ALONE.  So, me get up and take a walk, all bubly happy inside. Me almost comed to the Forge gain, but then herd girl voice say that Anju didn't know wht she was doing so I runned up superquick to the room and the house shaked and then a Arrow all green flied through the window next to me and broked it. Even the bubble that protects the house didnt stop it... Is the Sanctuary getting weeker? Anyways, me opend pretty scroll taped to it with my fighty gloves on, and reded it. Said-

Surrender now, foolish vagrants.

EVIL forces have your house surrounded, and will easily kill everyone in your "Sanctuary". It is roumored that several very interseting mythological specimens are taking shelter here, so those of you that are wise will give them up. perhaps we will spare one or two of your lives, then.

Do not make us use force, for you will regret doing so.

This arrow is timed to explode in:     0:03

Me readed that part, and throwd it right back out smashyd window. it made a boom and me heard Hue- mans screaming. HAHA. So, me had to:

Save Anju from the fight inside room

Find out what shaked the house

and get all the pepoles together to go fight.


So, me go run intoo Anju's room and yell aall confusy to stop them talking and say EVILs attaking, then bombom up the stairs putting on my armore and seed the vison girly all passed out again and Celttam on the floor next to her, taking her pulse. All the people were watching, especially new guy who loced badful. Me super yell and say there's bad EVIL outside, theys gonna kill us all we have to fight! Then me remembered that hospital beds in hallway were for hurted people, so said that Celttam and the Vison lady go there and some vampires helped them and then alll the other pepol followed me and we got armour and wepons. Me told the others to stay back and shoot guns and arrows out the windows at EVIL Hue- mans. Me, me went outside to scout the area. Suprise suprise, there is Lirael and Zander all figtinged in the middle of lotsa soliders. So, me roared and chargd in to them and all the soliders rund away or got squashed. The girls was wobblying and Zander was really white and bloody, so me put the on me shoulders and runnd back to the house. One person opend the door for me, and me put them doun on sick beds.


The End

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