Evelyn: Power surge

I woke. I felt light headed. Crud, I'd been seeing vision's in my sleep. Then something yanked inside me.

I jumped up and span round. He was there. In the shadows. Waiting..... Watching. "Get out" I hiss.

He puts a hand to his chest and does the fake shocked expression. "I'm hurt Evelyn. I thought you would be much more happier to see me" he says.

"Think again" I say folding my arms. "Get out Re before I push you out"

"Yeah, like you could do that in your state" he says raising an eyebrow. I realise he's right.

"What do you want?" I ask gripping the bed frame feeling my strength fading.

"I was intrigued to find your life source among so many others. Its incredible. Hmm, and very tasty-"

"Don't you dare take any of them" I shout.

"I'm the reaper, Evelyn. Its what I do" Just then his wrist watch beeps. "Hm, seems we have a full cart.... It can wait"

He presses a button then looks back at me. "Get out.... I don't care if I fall unconcious but I have enough power to shove your dead butt out of here" I hiss.

"I thought you would respect me more considering what we shared and the fact I let you remain in this world past your time" Re says leaning against the wall.

I bring together my power then push. Suddenly the whole house shakes and even with that Re doesn't move. Then my legs crumple. Re across the room and supporting my body in a milli second. Suddenly the door bursts open.

I don't know why they came to me? Maybe it was cause of my spike of power but I'm glad that they came.

The End

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