Our faces only inches apart frozen, both of us expecting to make the next move. What if she doesn't want me to kiss her though? I hesitated a second longer. I think she would have pushed me away by now if she didn't want me too. I bring my face closer and touch Lirael's lips. She wraps her arms anound my neck, each second my cold state slowly warmed. We both pull back slightly gasping. Even though I was sick I went bright red 200 years no-one has ever done that to me .  I try to hide it though.

We both looked at eachother lost for words. She looked a bit worried, maybe I might make her sick. I wasn't the virus was designed specifically for the Lii'arc simply because it would be too destructive for vampires or werewolves to carry because it could jump through bite wounds to humans.

"I'm sorry if you didn't want me too...." I get cut off , as she goes to kiss me back. Before she does the house begins to shake violently we fall to our feet.  It was coming from upstairs I was sure.  The house still shook violently but we both got to our feet.  I couldn't believe how weak I felt.

"What do you suppose is happening?" I ask grabbing the shaking doorknob.

The End

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