She'd answered yes. I couldn't believe it. I rained kisses down on my little Anju's head. I could call her MY little Anju at last. I immediately let go of all my control, and my power surged. Anju jumped, frightened, but I held her in my arms.

"Anju, don't be scared. It's just because I'm ready to sire you."

There was the sound of running feet, and Alanna burst through the door.

"Fialka, get away from her!"

"No, Alanna, she's mine!"

"You can't do this, she doesn't know what it means!"

"She knows she will stop growing now, and that she will be linked to me. I don't think there is anything else to tell her."

"But...but...she doesn't know anything about you!"

"And you do?"

"No, which is what I mean. No one knows anything about you. And anyway, if you do it now, she will sleep, and you will be weak, and what if we're attacked again?"

Anju stood up from where I held her. My dress was growing the see-through material adn it billowed around me, swirling with my hair as my power shone.

"I chose this Alanna." she said. "I love Fialka."

The End

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