As soon as I had spoken, I wished I hadn't. My question seemed to have caused him more pain.

" Its all messed up, really." I said, looking away from me.

"How so?" I asked, before I could stop myself. I wanted to reach out to him, but something about Zander made me think of a wild animal. You didn't get too close.

" Those soldiers they where looking for what I stole. My arrogance lead me to beleive they couldn't trace me. But I forgot."  He looked down at his feet and I was overwhealmed with wanting to make him feel better. He seemed so alone. I noticed a slight treamor in his hand. I could see clearly that he was ill.

"Forgot about what?" I replied softly, moving closer to him. He looked very pale.

" The transmitter they put in the hardrive I brought here." There was a huge amount of self-loathing in his voice as he said that, making his voice stronger for a moment.Suddenly, he stumbled forward, his face pain-stricken. I moved quickly to his side, but before I could touch him, he sat down, his face completely white.

"you don't look to good, Zander."  I said, really worried now.

" It will pass soon." he replied, not meeting my eyes. I could sense his lie but I didn't push him.

" What was with the tension between , you and Qurevok?" I changed the subject, hoping to get to the bottom of something today. An expression flickered over his face, too fast for me to catch.

" That orc has something for Anju. I think , and you can tell she seems somewhat attatched to me. Silly girl. So I don't think he likes me too much, I really wish he would just leave me out of it.  I don't want to be involved."

I giggled a little. I liked Zander and to hear that there was nothing between him and Anju was a relief. I settled next to him on the couch. His skin was cold, making more worried than before.

"You're going to be fine right?" I asked, really worried.

" I should be." He muttered bitterly. 

He looked down at his hand. I caught sight of red before he clenched a fist. I looked up at his face again, allowing him to see my concern.

"Zander..." I had no idea what I was going to say. His blue eyes met mine and I could see the fear lying deep below the surface. I realised our faces were very close and getting closer. Suddenly a voice burst out

"That Zanda, Anju, is an idiot why is he even here? HE brought them to us. HE made you weak again and now calls you a silly girl Anju, now that Lii'arc has made you cry!! no wonder there so little WHEN THEY GO ROUND HURTING MY LADYS FEELINGS"

Zander and I both looked to the door, getting up. I opened the door, but whoever had been listening had gone, run off. I felt guilty as it was most likely Anju. She was only young afterall.

I closed the door again, turning round to face Zander.

"No one there now." I told him, not exactly meeting his eyes. I wasn't sure what he was thinking. I flicked a glance at the window, noticing that the moon was rising.

Careful Lirael. Stay calm and keep a hold on those mental powers. Remember what happened last time you lost it. The moon will make it harder.

I swallowed hard, looking away again. I focused on a spot by my feet, leaning back on the door. I heard Zander come close again. I looked up to see his face inches away from mine. I froze, caught by his eyes. I waited for him to make the next move.

The End

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