"I want to know...if you would want me to make you, my immortal child." she said to me.

I was confused I am immortal, I looked at Boogie "Boogie exlain for me"

"Anju you are stupid sometimes well you age till 2o then stop she wants to bond you at 15 by drinking her blood she drink yours and youll have a link for as long as you as both shall live"

I looked at her shocked be linked to her forever is what mummy and daddy did and my brother and his wife?

She stroked my face "if you dont want to sweety its ok" I shook my head I looked at her.

"its not that I do want to will it hurtW I looked at her scared wow my life was strange she cuddled me "of course not sweety we just feed off each other and you will sleep for a coiple of days and Ill be weak for a while but after that we will be fine"

I nodded to her and clutched Boogie "Yes Fialka Ill be you immortal child" Boogie tried to protest but I coverd his mouth with my hand, it was my chance to make someone happy.

The End

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