I found Anju with the orc, sitting on the floor.

"Anju, I need to talk" She turned round and saw me.

"Can Qurevok come too?" she asked. I deliberated.

"No Anju, he can't. I'm sorry Qurevok, but this is for Anju's ears only." He nodded at me, then left.

Anju followed me up to our room, which was mercifully empty.

"You need to stop running off Anju. Every little whim cannot be satisfied. You ask me a question and then run off before I can answer, you ran off before I could finish teaching you...Can you not hold still for just a minute?"

Her eyes filled, and I took her hand.

"Stop crying Anju. Now, listen to me. When controlling your powers with the ethods I have taught you, you must make sure you are concentrated. So no longer must you avoid drinking. And also, the next time you ask about my past, try to do so without running off. And think about what you are asking me. because it is not something I disclose easily." She nodded. "But I will tell you later. In the meantime I want to ask you a very important question."

She leaned against me and looked up in to my eyes. "You can ask me anything Fialka."

"I want to know...if you would want me to make you, my immortal child."

The End

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