Aftr I had dried my tears I came out of the closet and saw Qurevok I didnt talk to him as it made my heart feel funny he paused then rushed me asid with some strange strength and sent me hittinh the wall and god did that hurt yet he didnt seem to notice. so I followed him and went outside and I guessed what he was doing I ran after him and jumped on his back.

He didnt seem to expect this as h pulled me off his back flung me on the floor and jumped on top of me so I couldnt escape. I just at him unable to move.
"Anju me go now me fight evil me protect you" I could his sadness roll off him and his love for me why didnt I notice this "Anju like Zander not me me go you be happy"

Iopened my eyes wide did everyone think I had feeling toawrds Zander I couldnt help smirk and had to hold back a giggle. I raised my hand and stroked his face and sofened my eyes. "Qurevok you are silly at times I do not like Zander"

He looked down at me confused and about to ask me a question but I stopped him, "He reminds of my big brother, my family died when I was ten and my brother helped me when I lost cotrol of  my powers so I dont ike in they way everyone has been thinking"

The look of relife took over him as he stared down at me it was time to tell him "Qurevok the reason I dont talk to you much and stay silent is because you make me feel different and I have never felt like his before" I blushed and looked away he sat up and lifted me onto his lap and put his hand under my chin"

"me ugly Anju me stupid and only can forge and break things but me like you lots Anju me want to protect you" tar welled in my eyes and I hugged him close to me "please dont leave me Qurevok Im burdon to everyone here and I feel happy when your near me"

After the shock went away from him he hugged me back he ws so warm even though he had his blue armer we stayed like this for while until he pulled back and started to talk.


The End

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