Qurevok: Leaving for EVIL

Me Qurevok. Me havent be happy scins cam here, to Sanctuary. 'Thought would be nice, to not be chasinged all the time, but its superbad. Me fald in luv with girl that doesn't like not at all, got boobo, always sad. Now Celttam don't even hav time for me, cause hes helping whole group. Even Anju has stooped BOOGIE, but me all alone. So I does Forging for the metal, is kind of fun: NOT ALL THE TIME!!!!! Is that what all theses menie guys think Mes am? Just a little forging solider to do all the work for them so they have fun and Anju luvs them?????? Snot true. Im strong and good and me should be letar, not dumbo Celttam. Me going to fight all EVIL and killls them all and wake up the Faries and make Anju love me!

Qurevok stormed out of the Forge, cast aside his work apron, and picked up his now- favorite gear: The still slightly dented deep blue armour, and one large hammer and axe. He stomped pased every room before going out like a child, almost wishing that someone would reach out to him and tell him to stop, that everyone respected him and to not be rash, but no one did. He came to Anju, who had just finished drying her tears and was walking out of the closet she had been hiding in. Looking into those beutiful lavender eyes, he almost lst his will, but then remembered- she DID NOT LOVE him. So, he brushed  her aside with unusual strength and continiued outside. The flowers looked like a feild of teardrops, all a pale silver in the crescent moon overhead's soft light. He did not swim through the tears: where he walked, they evaporated under his rage.

In this way did the Orc leave The Sanctuary.  He, however, would only be the first to do so.

The End

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