" What was with the tension between , you and Qurevok?" Lirael aske Zander I gasped somethings happened beore Fialka told me her story I ran upstairs and sat outside the rom and listened I know it was wrong but I couldt elp it I sense he was in pain and was feeling guilty.

" That orc has something for Anju. I think , and you can tell she seems somewhat attatched to me. Silly girl. So I don't think he likes me too much, I really wish he would just leave me out of it.  I don't want to be involved." He said sounded a little agittaited, and Lireal giggled.

Pulled my legs up and lean against the wall cuddling Boogie tears streaked my face and whispered to Boogie "Boogie am I such a pain everyone feels burdoned?"

I hold Boogie infront of me so I could see him and he started shouting "That Zanda Anju is an idiot why is he even here HE brought them to us HE made you weak again and now calls you a silly girl Anju, now that Lii'arc has made you cry!! no wonder there so little WHEN THEY GO ROUND HURTING MY LADYS FEELINGS"

I just sared at Boogie he was right hes always right, Zander and Lireal had stopped talking and was listening to Boogie like I, they both stood up was walkng over to the door I stood up and ran and hid in the the nearest closet putting my hand over Boogies mouth.

Once I it all went silent again I silenty sobbed and help Boogie close.

The End

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