Zander : Talking

"Zander, is everything okay?"  Lirael asks. 

It was quite a simple question, with too many answeres.  I look at Lireal.

" Its all messed up, really." I say turning to stare at the darkening forest.

"How so?"

" Those soldiers they where looking for what I stole. My arrogance lead me to beleive they couldn't trace me. But I forgot."  I look at my feet. My body wanted to convulse and shake. I couldn't let though it would make the sickness worse. I had been so arrogant on so many things, things that should now have been forgotten.

"Forgot about what?"

" The transmitter they put in the hardrive I brought here." I felt so stupid for fogeting it.  A wave a pain shoots through my body. I stumble forwards at the wave. I felt nasueas.  Before Lirael helps me I sit myself down on the couch showing how pale my face was.

"you don't look to good, Zander."  It wasn't hard to see the rapid dettoriation.

" It will pass soon." I lie knowing that I will regenerate some and look fine while the virus or disease destroys me.

" What was with the tension between , you and Qurevok?" She questioned me further on something that also was all messed up.

" That orc has something for Anju. I think , and you can tell she seems somewhat attatched to me. Silly girl. So I don't think he likes me too much, I really wish he would just leave me out of it.  I don't want to be involved." I explain.

Lirael giggled a little, probably about that poor orc just needed a little direction on the subject and he would know that I want no part in it. Lirael sits next to me  on the couch. I could feel from feet away she was warm, I must be terribly cold.  

"Your going to be fine right?" 

I wish , stupid cowardly humans, if only had known more.

" I should be." I mutter. 

I look at the palm of my hand a spot of Red light was appearing, I ball my fist up to hide it. I knew what was to come next. How long can I hide it before its obviouse?

The End

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