After what seemed hours of training Qurevok came over and gave me som flowers it made me blush the whole time he never looked a fialka and left.

Fialka and I were closer tha ever and I was sitting in our room playing with the flowers where I had put the in a vase. My throught started burning my thirst was growing stronger and I tried to ignore it.

"Anju"Booogie pleaded "Anju you cant ignore you thirst it will make you weak you need to feed soo I sense your in pain" Fialka was next to withn the moment looking into my eyes. She could the blood lut making my eyes shimmer.

"come one Anju time to go feed" she took my hand and lead to me the kitchen and sat me on the side whiled she looked in the fridge.

"Fialka I dont want too I dont want to drink blood it will make me eveil I-" she come over to mewith two bottles of blood I could smell the blood, it made my mouth water and my throut burn more.

she cut me off "Nonesense Anju its your natue you cant help it and put in my hand I groaned as I couldnt fight thehunger and stook my fangs into the lid and brank with big gulp it trickled down my throut and easd the pain. it trickled down the side of my moth and my neck. I started puring with pleasre of he blood I hadnt drank blood in many weeks.

I har someone enter the kitchen I snapped myhead round, I must of pure evil eyes glowin red and blood trickling down my chin, as the gasped and ran out. I put my drink down I looked at te floor I was evil.

Fialk cae over put her hand under my chin and lifted it up and the blood that escaped my mouth. "Its ok Anju there just used to seeing Vampires feed no need to feel ashamed her word made me feel better and I loked at her. my eyes now full with curiosity.

"Fialka how did you become a vampire? because I know your not a pure blood and what was ur life like before?"

The End

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