Evleyn had me seriously spooked. As soon as she passed out again, I ran out of the room and straight into Zander.

"Hey.. sorry.. um are you okay?" I said quickly, realising he seemed pretty wound up about something. He opened his mouth to reply, when Qurevok rounded the corner alongside Celttam. There was a moment of awkward silence. I sensed a lot of tension-it was blatently obvious to anyone.

Enough Lireal..Don't probe further. Don't let it take you over.

"Celttam, Qurevok." Zander nodded to the pair and walked off.

I smiled at the pair. "I'd better go after him. Hope you don't mind."

I figured Zander would probably need a friend more than anyone in this place. And I could sympathise with being alone. I figured if he needed a shoulder to lean on-why couldn't it be me? I eventually found him in one of the rooms, looking out of a window onto the forest.

"Zander?" I approached him cautiously, "Is everything okay?"

The End

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