Flour day

"Anju, uh... Me have flours for yu, If you liks them. theys very preeti.."

Me wishes me tough enough on the inside to say: "Theeys very preety. just like yu.", but no way Me to scared. Laphy-laphy how me so strong on outside, and so WIMPY on inside. Me was killing lots of Stockhounds and Hue-mans and smashing lots of cannons and me saw Zander hurtinged, and me no its rong but didnt help him cause Anju likes him. Now all me suit of bluy armor and BIG fighting tools super bumpid and bloody, and me got hurt on he leg so now when me gived Anju Flowers (always not looking at Fialka), had boobo tape on it. All the people sleeping or hurt in hospital room, except me and Celtam. Celttam teachy me how to FORGE, so I can make bumpy axe good again and even... make new axes! I wants to make super betiful armor for Anju, blue and white stripes like Boogy her ber. 

Now, as me go back too hows, very sad bout lotsathings. Anju is hurty from killing all the Hue-mans, so me sad, Anju luv Zander so me sad, and preetyful flowers remember me of the old Fary village, who seems very long ago now when it got burned.

Its like me SWIMMING in sad.

The End

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