I woke up gasping and sat up right my head was pounding, I ground and put my head in my hands.some one put there arms around me then took them away I didnt understand.

"Anju is your head hurting ? do you want me to get something for you?" it was Fialka who was with me. I looked around I was in a field of wonderful flowers how did I get here then I cant remeber what I did this morning.

"Fialka what happened I dont remeber?" she look at me a little startled. she went to storke me cheek but she drew her hand away.

"Anju the humans attacked us and you killed them by controlling them, and after they died you passed out". I gaspedwhen it came running back my voice changing the vioce in my head commandngme what to do, the humans screaming in pain and rage, the sound of swords clanging, gun shots. Seeing the boddys mangled on the floor.

"No" I screamed "I wouldnt do that I hate violence" tear were running down my face I huddled my-self up and started rocking backwards and forward "Im a bad person, Im not a person Im a vampire Im meant to kill why does it feel wrong? I felt them die I can feel there pain"

I looked at Fialka she looked at me with such longing eyes, yet her actions were different she just sat there and watched me, why was she being so cold? am I that evil? doe she hate me ?I dont blame her.

Fialka sighed "Anju..."

The End

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