Anju. The poor child was struggling to contain her power. Zander spoke to her, but I kept my distance. And I would from now on I had decided. But her struggle was making my hearty break.

"Im sorry Zander, Im evil" she said, then passed out. My cry caught in the back of my throat and came out strangled. I leaned forward to take her in my arms, but then paused. Zander didn't. He took her and then placed her in my arms.

"Take care of her, and when she wakes up, teach her." He said, then ran upstairs. I stared down at Anju's unconscious form, and then slowly carried her to the door. Outside, the sanctuary had moved places, and we were now on the other side of the forest. Flowers stretched in front of us. I took her outside and lay her by them, taking up the prettiest flowers and twisting them in to her beautiful hair. Then I sat just in front of her to watch as the last remains of the sun sank, leaving oranges, pinks and reds painted across the sky.

The End

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