Evelyn got carried to the attik room I could her everone out side they werent doing so good, it was my turn to step in " Zander I need you help please" I shouted and withing the secand he was in front of me he tilted my head so he could he me
"Anju whats wrong?" he looked down at me concerned"

I took a deep breath and held Boogie close "Zander neary everybody is hurt and I havnt done anything I think it's my turn to take control of their emotions and I can get them to attack eachother" I trailed my voice at the end I hate fighting I dont like people dying no matter who they are.

"Anju you cant controll you powers yet you migh get hurt" Fialka was next to me but shouldnt she be holding me and telling me its ok why isnt she ? it hurt me a little but I didnt want to say it.

"Fialka Ill be fine and Zander im going to get Boogie to make me mad again and Ill go mad again but with violence out the Ill direct at them" I took a deep breath "once their dead please help me remeber who I am tell me about my mother, Fialka and everyone here and Ill stop please I want to do this" I looked at him pleadigly this was the only wayto help.

He sighs I knew he couldnt resist I was controling him but  didnt let him know that "Yes Anju  will but youl be standing on the roof with me got it" I nodded fastly yes I could help for once.

He picked me up and put me on the roof and I sat down he view below was horriable peaople fighting dead bodies on the floor, the screaming the gun shoots I knew this will haunt my nigtmare. I sighed "Boggie please annoy me"

"Yes Lady Anju I will Anju you know you're so silly your mummy never loved she dyed and its your fault and Fialka should die look at you you pethetic pure bloo-" that was it I was mad I stood up andI was floating an inch above the roof my air blowing every wear eyes crimson red.

Stupid humans fighting how dare they infront of me "Humans below listen to my voice" my vioce changed to a more sweet alluring sound everything stopped and all looked up at me, yes it was working.

I followed my arms and pouted "you are all mean little creatures coming after my friend and my-self you should be ashamed of your-selfs to be forgiven I want you too kill eathother and last one alive I want you to kill yourself" with that they all turned and killed eacher.

what a funny thing to see everybody conrtolled by me. With in 10 minuetes everyone human was dead. I started laughing codly idiots how dare they chalenge me, then I felt someones arms arund me.

"Anju it's Zander remeber what you said? remeber your mother she would very upset with you, and Fialka she needs you so does Evelyn she injured and a lot ofother people Ignore the vioce in yor head Anju I need you to be safe"

My body sagged in his arms people need me it cant be true my eyes change back to purple and my powers deacresed "Im sorry Zander Im evil" after that Ifell asleep. 

The End

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