Someone ran into the room, calling about battle. Instantly, I followed a group as they left to get weapons. Although I prefer to phase, I was still tired and injured. I picked up a couple of half-sowrds, my weapon of choice. Zander walked in, absorbing weapons and sheilds. I could help but be a little creeped out. We exchanged a few words as we left to fight.

Outside, I couldn't help noticing that Zander fought well. I, however did not fare so well. I managed to lose both of my swords and ended up phasing to my wolf form. During a lull in the fighting, Zander and I ended up by the walls of the Sanctury. He looked ill. I had gained a long scratch down one arm. Otherwise we had escaped unscathed so far. Although I was slightly worried about Zander, as he stumbled against the wall, I moved to support him.  He waved me off, mutteru=ing something about limits and we were on the verge of returning to the fight, noticing that a group of humans were fast approaching; when we felt a tug towards the Sanctuary. Almost against my will, I walked back inside, Zander close behind, looking as confused as I felt.

"What happpened?" I blurted out.

"You morons made those humans a reason to see the sanctuary. Maybe not to enter but" I sigh "The sactuary would have protected you on it own" a petite figure replied. I turned to see an elf, stumbling against a doorframe.

"But Fialka she helped everyone....."

Anju, the young vampire rushed up to her, asking. "Whats your name?"

"Evelyn" was the muttered reply before the elf slid to the ground, unconcious. I went over to her, checking that she was okay.

"Someone help me get her to a room." I said, lifting her. She weighed next to nothing. "She needs somewhere to rest."

Celttam acted as a guide as I carried Evelyn to one of the attic rooms. I laid her down gently as possible, ignoring the pain in my arm.

As I turned to go, I felt an iron grip on my wrist.


I turned, disconcerted that she knew my name. Her eyes had shifted to a light violet.

"Lireal...danger." she whispered, before passing out again.

The End

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