Evelyn: Can't..... Fight

I curl up. I hear their cries but I can't help them. I'm not in the visions. They hardly seem to even notice my presence anyway.

"What are you doing?" I look up to see Anju. She seems very upset. "Both Fialka and Zander left to fight...... Why are you up here?"

I sit up. "Because the future doesn't allow me Anju. I can't see myself there so I can't fight. Its a curse I bare...... I'm a pawn to time"

"Surely things can change" Anju asks. I look at the girl. She seems very smart for her age and I can't help but let a small hint of a smile on my face.

"They can but it would risk making it worse" I say.

"Please help them" Anju whispers. She looks even more scared then a few moments ago. I..... can't...... Can I?

I sigh then get to my feet. "Lets go" We go down the widing stair case then race along the corridors to the next stairs.

I make Anju float in the air as I take them quickly and she laughs happily as I do so. I race ahead and reach the porch. Guns are firing and I wave a hand to freeze the bullets in front of me.

"What are you doing?" I yell. "Are you trying commit suicide?"

I freeze all the humans and push them out of the Sanctuary. Then I pull all the Supernatural creatures in.

"Write.... Go" I hiss to the house. The house moves.

"What happpened?" Someone asks.

"You morons made those humans a reason to see the sanctuary. Maybe not to enter but" I sigh "The sactuary would have protected you on it own"

I stumble griping the door frame. My head hurts a pounding ache. "But Fialka she helped everyone....."

Anju rushes up to me. "Whats your name?" She asks.

"Evelyn" I mutter then I pass out.

The End

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