Zander: Changing

"Fialka don't go!" Anju yells as I leave to go the battle. How was I going to help her control her powers. Its been so long , since I have lived with vampires. I get to the armoury. Li rael was there picking up a weapon.

" Hey , have they figured out that leader thing?" I ask. I had left her with former residents becuase it was going to be alot of explaining I had already knew about and I wanted to find a safe place for the information I had stolen.

" Yeah."

"Thats good." I say as I grab a shield it shimmers as it goes into my left arm.

" That looks a little gross." She comments.

" Wait until you seeing it being used." I mutter as my right arm rearanges a couple of guns as it slides into my skin.

" Ready." she says

" Yup."  I reply as we come out of the house bullets and stockhounds running around the place.  I disapear into the ground and come up behind a human being. My arm changes as a few barreles protrude from my skin. I fire his head exploding from the 4 different shots.  Behind me a hound come maw opening and closing with a stroke of my hand his lower jaw molds itself into its head. Hounds and human come around surrounding me. I could here the others  but can't see. I strayed to far. The hounds jump and the humans fire they're guns. The shield melts from my skin covered in flesh. bullets ping into the shield.  I hit the hounds with the shield, some bite a few chunks off so I have to leave it behind,my right arm I let all the guns appear out looking like a sick gantling gun. The humans look in fear.

" Your finished." I say as I shoot blowing the humans around me too bits. Using all my ammo. There was still fighting but to me it looked like they where retreating. I let the guns drop out of my arm onto the floor. It hurt alot to change my self like that. I slumped agianst the wall in pain. After 200 hundred years even I haven't quite got control of my powers.

" Are you alright?" Li Rael asks.

" I'll be fine."  I mutter watching the others still batteling.

" There is more than I thought out there." I felt guilty for my arrogance thinking it was over.

" It will be over soon."  she says.  I grab a sword leaning agianst the wall trying to abosrb it but my powers refused to work.

" I've used my ability to its absolute limits today."   I say getting up my body feeling sick from the foreign things being in it.  I fall towards the other wall. I must look so weak.

The End

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