Alanna: Power

As Fialka left the room her guard dropped and energy flooded my mind.  She was more powerful than I could have ever thought and even then it felt like she was holding back, hiding the true extent of her power.

I began to worry for Anju.  Fialka must be planning something or why else would she defend her so visciously.

I wandered around the house for a while, thinking about what I should do.  I was interrupted by the call to arms that erupted downstairs.  I flew back to the entrance hall where everyone was assembled with various weapons.

'What's going on?'

'We're under attack,' Billie called to me.  'You should arm yourself.'  I grabbed a broad sword from a pile of weapons, feeling the weight of it in my hand and taking up a defensive stance.

'So what now?'

The End

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