Billie: Guns.

I'moutside with a lod of others, mygolden eyes wide. "What's happening?" I mutter. A few shrug. Irun back into the house going into the basement.

Some guns are here. I grab them and run back outside. I'm faster and stronger then most werewolves, normally this would cause a big egobut not me. I think not being noticed, I like belonging to the shadows.

I hand out the guns, some are looking at them strangly. I sigh. "Look! They are expecting us to use are abilities. This is something they won't expect! Everyone spread out and only fire when the humans get close enough!" They look at me shocked.

I haven't talk as much ever but this is a time when I need to take charge. I run to the back of the house and get ready, hiding in the shadows. I may be a girl but I know how to handle a gun! I hold the gun and aim, waiting for the humans to come in sight. Just you wait, as soon as you come in sight I'm gonna shoot you down!

The End

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