Qurevok: Battle

Me sitting in room with Anju, beutifulest girly ever.  She sleeping cause she got angry and shes betiful when she gots angry too, but Zander HAD to help her. Me angry and... fustated becas Me se Anju's ies glow, like with love when she sees him. me think Fialka is very bad cause she thinks she wants to byte  Anju. Mommy bot byted once, and she died. Me cant let Anju die like that, because me know now that I LOVE HER. Me hopes she loves me back.

So, Me sit in her room allthetime to keep her safe and happy. That way no one, nots even EVIL, can hurt her. When shes slepps, her face is like a perfect wite rock, moving only with little puffs in her cheks, and theys loc-
"Qurevok, we're under attack! EVIL StockHounds are circling the Sanctuary's clearing, and tin cannons are firing on us! We need you to come break open the closets in the clinic hall!" Says Celttam. Me looks out window, and sees big tin ball smash against- air, like a invisible sheild. Me no likey tin, It hurts mythilogical creatures like me, and popa, so Me run downstairs to save the Sanctuary (Me learns later, that Anju waked up when I left). StockHounds are bad too, theys almost as big as Me and very mean.

I first closet I smash, there is many many sheilds pour out on the ground, and other "Troops" pick them up. Second one has big room full of swords and hammers and knives and arrows and bows and hatchets and pistols and guns and lots of other things. Next one has all diferent armours, and next one after has lots of fighty technology, like night goggles and barbed wire. Last one has all medicine stuff, which is suo=per good. There other ones, but Then fary named Sorrel talcs and says there's someone missing and we all get dressed super quick and go out. I haf dark blue, super thick battle armour, and pick up BIG hammer with green shinys on the hilt and BIG double-bladed battle axe with crimson staff like boobo blood. I goes out first, and we all stand in a backwards V with me at front against the StockHounds. No one says anything.

The End

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