while I was asleep I dreamt about Fialka I was in a field and my mother was there she was brushing me hair " Anju darling its time to let go I know you love me but you have people to care for you" she stopped brushing my hair and looked into her eyes I could feel the sorrow seeping out of her.

I turned to her pleading mummy not to  leave me she started to fade and Fialka was there and she was bleeding and laying on the floor.

"Anju how could you I thought you cared, I wanted to protect you, love you if you were my own" I run over to her and I try and help her but Im too late and she starts to fade.

Boogies not there with me and Im sat in this field by my-self alone again like always.

I wake up from my dream panting, sitting up right I shout "FIALKA DONT GO" before I know where I was she holding me and telling me Im ok. Mum was right I need to let go

The End

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