Her mother. I was never going to get away from the fact that her mother was so special to her. She wasn't mine. It made me sad, I really did love her, and I couldn't bear to see her hurt. The others fussed around me for a while, but when they saw I didn't want to talk they left me alone. I got up quietly and slipped back in to the room.

"Zander?" I whispered, and saw him in the corner. "Thank you for helping out."

"No problem, Fialka isn't it?" I nodded, staring at Anju. She looked so peaceful in her slumber. "We need to teach her to control her power Fialka. You are old," I  gave him a look which made him smile, "although you don't look it, and I will need your help."

"I will do anything to help her." I stared longingly at her again. She stirred in her sleep, then rolled over, clutching Boogie closer to her.

"I believe she loves you very much Fialka." I glanced at him, then looked back at Anju.

"She will never love me like she loved her mother. I will never be that for her."

"No, but I think you could be a close second." He put his hand on my shoulder, and I almost turned in to his embrace. But I resisted the comfort, and instead broke away, kissing Anju's forehead, and then going to stand by the chair to which Zander had returned to.

We would both wait for her to awake.

The End

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