I sat pinning Fialka to the ground my powers had never gotton this bad I couldnt stop something in my head was talking to me Anju Anju bite her drai er Anju kill them all you kow you want to your one of the last pure bloods so take in charge and rule them all.

The voice wouldnt stop it was hurting my head I was screaming back at it saying leave me alone, I realise what I am Im evil I went down to bite her I smeeled her scent god she smelt good the hear made her smeel even better.

I felt someone arms go round my wast and pulled me f her with ease it was the Lii'arc "Anju listen to me inore the voice in your mind its your true vampire nature don her win tink of your mother " I stopped struggling and went limp.

I hissed "my mother" some peope were helping Fialka up "yes Anju sweetie your moterremeber all the fun you had with her" I thoght of te tims she played hide and sneak with me held me in her lap and plyed ith my hair, the tims I fell and scraped my knees and cried and she sooth me until they healed.

I calmed down completely I sobbbe in his arms of course not tears but blood. everybody left thr room once I calmed down and he held me tightlly to his chest.

"Anju you did so well my names Zandor and we need to help you control your powers Im guessing your mother and father died before they showed you he layed me down on my bed and sat next to me stroking my hair.

"Sleep now Anju and Ill explain when you wake I promise" he piked up boggie and placed him back in my arms "Now Boogie I suggest you dont winder her up got it Anju could have got really hurt and others to"

He got up and sat in the chair facing me, I wanted to know more right then by after all that I was so tired I fell asleep.

The End

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