I sat still in shock. The rest of the household came running through the door, and all of them stopped to stare at Anju on the floor. They all crowded round her, and even though I tried gently to push through they were so crammed in the room I couldn't see her. I began to panic.

"Anju!" I cried, hoping the sound of my voice would calm her. Nothing changed. "MOVE!!" I shouted to the rest of them, and leapt over the top of the crowd, landing crouched in front of Anju. I felt my power building, but I didn't want to use it on her unless it was absoloutely necessary.

"Anju! Anju! What's going on?" everyone was crying. I leaned down and looked at Anju's fixed face. She was still squeezing Boogie, and although I had no real love for the creature with him being so possesive over Anju, I felt I had to move him. Gently I pried him out of her hands and moved him to the side. He was gasping, but alive, if you can call it that.

I put my hand on Anju's shoulder as a connection, but in a flash she knocked my hand back and leapt on me, her eyes burning. Behind her I saw the others moving in.

The End

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