Her blood tasted so wonderful I wished i could leand down and bite her and feel it leave a warm trail down my neck. I giggle "Fialka you have tasy blood so odnt let anyone drink it because that wont be fair, I dont know if mines tasty no-one had ever biten me mummy said that its a sighn of love when you bite someon else"My voice trailed offat the mention of my mum.

she puled me onto her lap and started to play with my hair "Anju sweety it hurts you to talk about your parents doesnt it ?" I could feel her concern before I could speak she carried on why dont we talk about something else"

Boogie started to speak as he been silent for some time "Yes why dont we how about this one why are you sooo obsessed with my Lady Anju I love Anju and she only needs me what do you want from Anju your not her mummy your are no body so-"

I stood up my anger growing stronger and my powers grew so strong I didnt know how to control them this time, My eyes were glowing red my hair blowing round me My thangs grew long and you could see them when I opended my mouth and hissed and Boogie. everything in the room began to shake the glass vase smashed sending the deep red roses every where.

"Lady Anju Im sorry I got jealous you said you were mine Anju Im-" I sqeezed Boggie began to shake him "Enough Boogei that is it you are to be silent until I tell you to" I heard people running around trying to find out what happened I couldnt controll my anger I was scared and I needed help fast !

The End

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