Anju was in shock over what had happened, so I went to sit in the corner until she recovered. Looking through the window i saw a bird flying along, then perching on a branch. Suddenly, an eagle awooped in on it and took it off. I froze, admiring the eagle but at the same time pitying the little bird. It had no idea. Looking across at Anju, I compared the situations. I could see now that I couldnt just bite and leave questions till later. I would have to ask her whether she wanted to be mine.

But not until much later. We had to sort out this trouble first. Anju would be weak for several days if I bit her, as would I, and I could not bear to leave her unguarded during this. Staring out the window again my mind drifted, and as I thought of Anju, and Darjah, a tear rolled down my cheek.

 Blood of course, as this is the only way that vampires can cry.

"Fialka?" Anju was standing next to me, and she had noticed the tear. Her hand went to my face and she wiped the tear away, putting it to her lips. I gasped.

This was a sign of affection in the vampire world. But for one so young, she could not know that it meant so much.

The End

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