"You having up here then?"  I enveyed the fact she has this roo but it was silly I told Fialka I felt some one was very scared and I wanted to check on them.

She spoke to me quietly "Im sorry I didnt think anyone had this room i youre here it doesnt matter Iju-" I stopped her in her tracks. and I bowed to her.

"No Im the one sorry I felt how scared you were and I got worried thats all but you can stay here I with Fialka" I said feeling giddy Fialka reminded me that I was still a child and still have alot to learn. "Im Anju by the way and curtsied to her.

"Im Evelyn pleased to meet you Anju you seem to close to fielka is she your maother?" It felt like someone stabbed me is that how it looked? like Fialka was nice to me? is that what she wanted.

I looked down I coundlt speak so Boogie told her "you silly Lady you upset Anju I told you Anju not to stay here, no Fialka isnt her mother, her mother and father ee killed five years ago when Anju was only five so dont bring it up again" Boogie went slinent and we stood in silence lookin at each other.

"look Anju Im sorr I-" she was cut off when Fialka appeard at me side and cuddled and glared at Evelyn and hissed at her. "didnt you know you should not upset a child and not Anju she speacial she is a vey rare vampire a pure blood so dont ever upset her" with that Fialka picked e up and carried me like a baby and took back to our room I looked at her shocked what had just happened...

The End

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