Evelyn: The hidden Study

No one seemed interested in me. It was like I wasn't there. Maybe that's why my vision didn't show me. Maybe I was meant to leave.

But I couldn't the vampires seemed to have special hints about them and then there were other rare breed of supernatural creatures here.

I've never seen so many in the same place. It was amazing to be here. To be among them.

I found myself wandering then I found a stair case..... it twirled up to somewhere high and I found myself feeling scared.

What was up there? What ever it was my senses found it terrifying cause I find myself shaking..... trembling.

I take a step forward ready for a sudden attack...... a scream, just anything to show me my fear was true. But nothing and that made me feel even more scared that nothing had happened..... yet.

I took another step..... and then another. I continued up the widing stair case disapearing from sight of the hallway.

I reached the top and gasped. It was like a study room and I notice two door of to the left.

In the room was a desk and a chair positioned so the person in it could watch those stepping in to the room. Bookcases were stacked to the side. Everything a reasearcher would need.

I went over and check the two doors. Behind one was a beautiful bedroom then the other a fairly modern bathroom.

I squeled with delight. "You having up here then?" I turned to the voice. It didn't sound angry but more like slight envy and then kindness.

The End

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