"Anju! Anju sweetie, don't be scared. Please!" I rush over to her shaking in the corner. Her teddy shouted some sort of abuse at me but I ignored him, taking her in my arms. "Come here my darling."

"You're really strong Fialka. Why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't want to scare you Anju. You've dealt with so much already!" And of course, you are a candidate for my immortal child. But I wouldn't tell her that. My guard had not been that down, she would have only sensed half of my power. But just as it would scare Alanna, it would also scare Anju. I cuddled her until she stopped shaking. She looked up at me with her big eyes, and then struggled to get up. I helped her, and then stood back, afraid of what she might say. She looked at me for a while, and then, just like a child, curiously asked,

"What were you doing? And how have you got new clothes?"

"I left the clothes here when the sanctuary was first founded. But don't ask me about it, the memories have gone." Once again I felt that uneasiness of being back here. "And when you walked in I was, spinning."

"Spinning?" She crept closer, her arms around Boogie. "Why?"

"Because I was happy Anju. I was remembering my soul mate. And thinking of how he would have loved to meet you."

"Me? Why me?"

"Because, you are so very special. And anything that was special to me, was special to him."

She giggled and wrapped her arms round me. "Where's your soul mate now?"

I paused. "The humans took him. I don't know whether he's still alive or not. I expect he is dead."

"Then we have both lost someone we love." She kissed me tenderly on the cheek adn then danced to the middle of the room. "Spin with me Fialka!" I laughed and rushed at her, gathering her in my arms and swinging her round. Her laughter almost broke my heart it was so sweet, and I could still feel her kiss tingling on my cheek.

So sweet.

The End

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