The two wearewolves and the orc were talking and intrested what they had to say they didnt notcie me until I began to talk.

"Its true then we are going to have to fight?" they gasped as they heard my voice I wonder what they thought of me. They turned awound I guess they sensed I was a pure blood vampire s they took once step I away and looked at me up and down this confused me.

The one that was speaking to them all looked into my concerned eyes and spoke to me softly trying not to hurt me feelings "I'm afraid so Anju but so I have heard killing a pure blood vampire is a lot harder than all creaters"

I took a deep breath trying to steady my-self "My parents died protecting me and I'm not going to give my life up to scum like the human race" I paused as they were staring down at me with concern some times I really hate being small everybody towers over me " I will do what ever I can to protect with my powers I can control animals and humans to do what Id like the to do , I can feel and control emotions also take away memory and put false visions in there head. Im sorry but Im not physicly strong Im actually very weak for a vampire but Ill do my best, I fell safe here and Ive never felt this safe for many years I lost my whole world when I was ten and I have spent five years adapting to the change"

they were all looking down at me with sympathy when finally the orc  Qurevok spoke "me think Angu is special, me think Anju will do well" I giggled at this he was sweet and you can see in his eyes he truly meant what he said and made me blush.

The other wrewolf Liral hugged me and spoke so sweetly "thank you Anju for offering us you help yes all of you powers will come in helpfull but you really think we would put you in battle at such a young age no you will be kept safe I promise you that"

When she let go w all stood and smiled at each other yes I did feel safe and Im glad I came here

I wanted to go and tell Fialka she would be pleased, then I felt a very strong power in the builindg I ran to it and was I saw shocked me Fialk in a silky black dress spinning it startled me.

"Fialka?" I said she stopped and stared at eachother her gaurd creeping back and me shaking in a corner

The End

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