Anju disappeared, and I was left with the other two vampires. Morna was uncomfortable, and soon left. Just myself and Alanna.

I debated whether to let slip of my shield just for a moment, so that at least one person in this house knew of my power and my growing urge to sire. But then wouldn't she feel that this was why I was so close to the innocent child Anju? Of course, although she was already a vampire, I could make  her mine. A child, for myself. Frozen at 15. How sweet.

 I dwelled too long on the thought, and Alanna started to stare at me concerned. I stared back at her, and after only a matter of minutes, she looked away. She also was only young, but was already frozen, and of course, it wouldn't be as fun if she had already been bitten by another. So unless, a harpy/vampire would not be fun to bite. To much allure.

A human peraps? But then I would have to leave the sanctuary, and I was not yet ready to do so. Or to leave Anju. I rose from where I was sat and Alanna jerked. I had been still as stone for so long it i had almost become stone.

"Alanna, do not worry about me protecting sweet little Anju" I said making my voice deadly soft and syrupy, "and do not worry about my reaction to you earlier. I guess I get a little protective over...children."

I swept out of the room and went in search of the clothes I knew I had left here last time. On the way out I let my shield half slip, giving her a taste of my power. She would only sense half, but that should be enough to worry her and keep her away, but not suspect me of needing to, sire.

Creeping down the corridor I heard Anju's delicate little footsteps and smiled. Just to hold her again, as a mother holds her child... I smiled. Such a sweet little girl.

Slipping in to a room, I found the clothes I had searched for. I pulled out a dress, black, with see-through black sleeves that billowed slightly then tightened round the wrist. It fitted me perfectly, made by the finest elvish dress makers as it was, and I pulled it on swiftly. I stared down at myself. It reminded me of my friend Darjah, who had kissed me while I wore this very dress just before he went out to fight the humans. I have not heard from him since. We would have been soul mates, if our affection had been given time to grow. And then perhaps, he would have been here with me now. And he would be able to help me decide about Anju.

I closed my eyes and swirled around the room, my arms outstretched. Smiling, relaxed.

"Fialka?" Anju said.

The End

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