Morna: Confused little outcast.

The room is full of people, they make awkward conversations as I sit on my own on a lifeless settee in the corner of a room. People seem to have forgotten me, not that I particually care, the less people notice me, the less chance I'll get to actually like them.

I tap my fingers lightly on my knee, Why am I here again? Is there really any point? I stretch up to my feet, walking airily over to the window. In the distance the world continues to roll on, not stopping for any freaks that run away.

For the first time in fourty-eight years, I feel completly alone - ironic to see that I'm in a room full of people. I really miss my parents, for a (half)Harpy, I am extremly young, barely an infant. They live for over a million years - providing that they don't get killed, and then there's the vampire part of me, everyone knows that vampires can live forever (again, providing that they don't get killed).

Sometimes it really sucks being me. It's not always great to be unique. Sometimes - most of the time - I wish I was just like every other human on this forsaken planet. Sighing, I walk over to the door and slip out. Time to explore, methinks...

The End

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