Lirael: New Faces

I listened as the old werewolf- Celttam- and he had a point. If the visions we were being shown were true then we needed leaders and weapons. We couldn't let this sanctuary become ruins.

People had broken off, talking in their own groups and I approached him.

"I was listening to what you said and I think you're right." I told him quietly. "I just want you to know, that as soon as I am healed, I'll be behind you.  I can fight and I am a good scout. Whatever you need me to do, I'll do it."

He smiled. "Your support matters Lireal."

I nodded my head, embarrassed. "Who is your companion?"

"Qurevok. Celttam takes care of Qurevok." replied the Orc by his side.

I smiled. I'd had a friend who had done something similar. She had been a werebear. Until the Hunters came..

"Pleased to meet you Qurevok." I replied, meaning what I said.

"You didn't tell us your story." Qurevok pointed out.

I forced another quick smile. "I might do another day." I replied quickly, hoping to fend him off. Thankfully I was saved by the Lii'arc who had wandered over. Someone had called him Zander.

"How is your arm?" he asked in a melodic voice.

"Oh, sore!" I laughed. "Thank you for bandaging it up and everything."

He laughed in response. "It's nothing."

We carried on talking for a while. Zander seemed like a nice guy. I had never met a Lii'arc and I knew very little about them. We were getting along until one of the other residents piped up.

"So. How are we meant to chose this leader?"

The End

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