Anju and the following eyes

through-out the the talk I could feel someones gaze stuck on me and it made me blush I think he was called Qurevok he was strange looking but I wanted to know why like any child would.

we were begin split up decide where we would be staying I felt relife wash over with me they said vampire togethor that means I would be with Failka. As we were told our rooms she took my hand and lead me the way and I cuddled Boogie close to me I was so nervous, what if they didnt like me?

As we enterd the group of vampires we introducd each other there was Alanna long black hair and violet eyes, Morna and strange eye Iwas sure they were indigo ut now they seem silver and of course Failka and my-self.

Alnna embraced me into a hug " its nice to meet you Anju Im sorry for your lost but I am plased to meet a pure blood vampire there only a handfull left in our kind if  theres anything I can do" I smiled sweetly at her abut to awnser her when I felt Failka step infront of me.

"its fine Alanna Im helping her to she will be safe and out of harms way but its sweet for the offer" she was smiling and spoke kindly but her actions spoke louder and Boggie thought it was a good point to comment.

"ooooh now now Anju someone is protective of you today fist youre stared at by some creepy looking Orc and now some old bag of a vampire decides who can he-"I squzzed him and held him up infront of me, I glared at him with one of those if looks could kill glares my eyes turned red and my hair was blowing round me

"Boogie Never talk about Fialka like that do you hear me or do you want me to lock you in a cupboard with spiders now be silent" I calmed my-self  down and hugged Boogie. My eyes went back to the deep purple and my hair fell gently round my face, everybody just stood and stared as I giggled and skipped to the door and turned around.

"well im off to explore Ill be back soon" I skipped out of the room and went down the hall, knocked on the door where the warewolves  they seemed nice and I needed to trust everyone here.

The End

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