Celttam's Turn

Celttam did told me that Me did Good. Its a LIE, becase, the EVIL Hue- mans wind. That no good. Me hopes lots that the Fary peopls wake up son, Me very lonely. Aniways, Me is lisening too Celttam now, an so is all the other special cree-tures in THE SANCTUARY. Thers a girl vampire, a Lii'arc boy, a Elf (shes wise, but not as much as Celttam), a Gate Gaurd girl,  a Vampy girl, a girl werewolf like Celttam, a girl ghost, a old Vampire girl that Celttam likes but won't tell her, a Fary boy, and theres.... Anju. She REALLY betufil, but got unconcioused and Me wanted to help her but to scard. Aniway, Theys all lisening to Celttam-

"Well, it seems to me that something must be done about our situation in this house. We have a large range of mythilogical creatures here, yes? Today is only the first day here for most of us, which leads one to belive that more beings will so come here. So, we have to find a way to make space. There must be sleeping quarters, a kitchen of some kind, and some sort of medical unit to accomadate those that are wounded. I have explored this house to the best of my ability, and have found many rooms. It looks as if there are large sleeping areas in the attic, which is spacious enought to suit all of our things. In the basement, I have found a state- of-the- art forge, which can presumably be used to fashion weapons for ourselves, a TV room, a pantry, and extra sleeping space. The ground floor has several large bedrooms, a dining area, an excersize room that has basic weights, a living room, a kitchen, and a large empty hall filled with closets by the front door. I belive that we should use one bedroom as a meditation room, and use the rest of the bedrooms as command centers, kind of. The largest one will be where all of us meet to discuss things, and the rest will be for specific species- one for vampires, one for werewolves/ orcs, and one for the rest of our mixed band. This will keep what ever desicion making processes we are haveing much easier. I also propose we use the empty hall as a clinic, and find out what is in it's closets. I understand if the inclination many of you have to my assuming a leadership role here is negative, but please understand this- I am old, and wise, and just happen to know who the humans we've all been chased by are: EVIL."

Now Celttams listners very quiet-

"Yes, an institution called the Eradicate Vagrants Instantly for Life, known to some as the Hunters, is a high- profile trans-national agency with very deep pockets that, as it's acronym states, does not like us Mythical creatures. It spends huge amounts of money on developing technology and ammassing a huge task force that have one goal, and only one goal: to take us out of society. They nearly suceeded with the Orcs, and are now pushing to destroy all species. Well, not everyone will be killed right away. They enjoy probing survivors for new chemicals and DNA and such, which means most captured beings are tested for a few years, then dissected like a frog, then sold of to the likes of McDonalds. They grow in strength every year. I belive that fate has brought so many of us together in such a house as this- Let us gain strength, and establish ourselves here, for it may be the only safe place for us anywhere. Please, do not try to challenge leadership and orginazation; without it, EVIL will surely win."

So thats how Celttam got in charge Me geus.

The End

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