Evelyn: No Past

"Hey, Evelyn. You brought most of in here what about your past" Someone ask. I open one eye then close it again.

My legs are folded as I consentrate. I let image after image of there lives pass my eyes. I'm judging none of them though some are holding back big parts of their lives.

Oh, well wont be here much longer. "I have No Past. I've lived amoung human's avoided the major changes and tried not to save anyone who isn't meant to be saved. I see my own future" I open one eye again. "What fun is my past"

I smile then close my eye back and consetrate. I need to find the right...... Got it!

I jump up and pull over my pencil and flick my hand so an empty book from across the room flys over.

I begin to sketch. Detailed. It has every detail that I saw in that fight. I finish and drop the pad on the table.

"Here is what you lot are heading for" I say steping back. The house..... fighting..... water..... explosions and burning.

All in the same image. "I'm sorry to be the bringer of bad news..... but you need to know cause you need to change it"

I stop for a second glacing at them all . "If you don't this house is going to burn and you lot are going with it"

The End

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